Migrate PresSTORE from old Mac to new

This guide describes how to take an existing PresSTORE installation and move it to a new server. We're specifically dealing with OS X here, the same instructions do not apply to other platforms. You can use this technique however to migrate from a PPC Mac to an Intel Mac. Note that the folder 'conf' that you're going to compress and copy across contains both the configuration and indexes for PresSTORE and therefore might be large. How large? - you'll need to look and check.

UPDATE NOTE:  April 2014 - The article below applies to any OS X installation of P4/P5, not just Xserve (certainly not in 2014!). Also note that, with the release of P5, the conf folder is now named config. Therefore when using P5, replace conf with config in the shell commands below. Note that the conf folder is still used in P5 to allow browsing of the old P4 backup indexes, so if you want to be able to do this after migrating, copy both folders by running through the steps twice. As always, if in doubt, call us.

On your old machine

1. Make sure no jobs are running.
2.Run the Terminal app and type

sudo /usr/local/aw/stop-server

Enter your admin password when prompted.

3. In the Terminal again

cd /usr/local/aw/conf
sudo tar -cf ~/Desktop/archiware_conf_backup.tar .

This will create 'archiware_conf_backup.tar' on your desktop. This file contains your PresSTORE configuration and indexes. As said above, this might be large, you can check how large the folder is to start with to give yourself an idea of how much space you need and how long this might take.

On the new machine

1. Download PresSTORE from this link and install it: http://p5.archiware.com/download

Verify that it is running by logging into the web-admin interface. No need to do anything in there.

2. Run the Terminal app and type

sudo /usr/local/aw/stop-server

Enter your admin password again when prompted.

3. Copy 'archiware_conf_backup.tar' from the old machine to the desktop of the new one.

4. In the Terminal again

cd /usr/local/aw/conf
sudo tar -xf ~/Desktop/archiware_conf_backup.tar

This unpacks the tar file on the new machine and overwrites the default configuration. Depending on the size of the file, this might take a while.

5. In the Terminal

sudo /usr/local/aw/start-server

This will start PresSTORE. You should get an indication in the Terminal when it's started up.

You can now point your browser to the PresSTORE login URL on the new machine and login. Note that you're logging in as a user on the new machine, PreSTORE doesn't have it's own user accounts.

IMPORTANT: If you have any tape hardware configured in PresSTORE, you should delete it from the configuration and add again using the wizards. This is necessary because the attached hardware will have different identification information on the new machine. Once this is done, perform an inventory on your tape library/drive and check that the job completes successfully and that the volume list correctly reflects the available volumes.

You will now need to transfer your license to the host-id of the new machine. To discover new host-id, see attached screen-grab. Use a demo key in the meantime - resellers are already equipped with these.