Downloading Archiware Support Data


If you need to report any kind of problem with Archiware to JPY Support, we'll always request that you download and attach 'support data' to the email.

The support data consists of a ZIP file which you download via the admin web interface. Screenshots in this article show how to do this in both PresSTORE versions 3, P4 and P5 and Archiware Pure (VMware backup). Within the ZIP file, Archiware places it's own log files, the system (OS) log file plus some information about the hardware attached to the computer. This generally provides all the information we need to investigate an issue.

Downloading extended support data

For P4 and P5, holding down the shift key while clicking the 'download support data' menu option will result in additional logs and configuration information being included in the ZIP file. Only do this if we specifically ask for it as this can result in a much larger ZIP file to send to us.

P4 and P5

PresSTORE version 3

Archiware Pure