JPY News August 2018

What does Threads do?

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Francesca Yardley Joins JPY

Having founded JPY Ltd in 1990, John Yardley is stepping down from his role as Managing Director this summer to focus on the future development of JPY’s cloud-based service, Threads. David Fox, JPY’s Technical Director, and John’s daughter Francesca will be taking over the management of JPY Ltd.

Francesca is a qualified solicitor and started her career in 2005 as a private equity lawyer with city firm Linklaters. She subsequently joined R&R Ice Cream before moving to Hambro Perks in 2014 where she was involved in advising start-ups.
Francesca brings with her all the right ingredients to grow the business. Threads has now been spun out and will operate as a stand-alone business.

Archiware P5 - News

P5 Backup2Go and snapshot-capable file systems

P5 Backup2Go is Archiware's module for backing up workstations and laptops. It works with many types of disk storage, including NAS systems such as QNAP and Synology.
In their latest blog post in the 'Spotlight' series, JPY's David Fox discusses how BtrFS and ZFS filesystems can enhance the backup workstation experience by dramatically reducing the backup workload on the hardware and disks being used.

Have you tried the Archiware Storage Calculator?

It's Archiware's amazingly helpful new tool to calculate some basic requirements for Backup and Archive on LTO Tape or in the cloud. 
Download the spreadsheet from the Archiware website, fill in your estimated data volume and receive estimated figures for storage space, upload times and cost for LTO tape or cloud storage from various different providers.

Threads / HubSpot Integration

In May 2018, Threads announced the launch of a new integration with HubSpot, one of the world’s fastest growing cloud-based CRM’s. We have used Threads award winning technology to automate the logging of historic and new emails within HubSpot ensuring that the CRM remains up to date 24/7. A similar integration for phone calls is planned for later this year.

“By automating these critical tasks rather than relying on manual input from users, not only will businesses save time but will also ensure that no emails slip through the net when team members are out of the office.” Dr John Yardley, Managing Director and Founder of Threads.

The new service is free to all Threads subscribers on our 25GB plan which starts at just £50/€60/$70 a month and includes unlimited email accounts.  

Key Features

  • Automatically Imports Historic Emails: Threads automatically syncs your past emails directly into HubSpot ensuring that you can get up and running with HubSpot and avoiding time consuming manual input.
  • Logs New Emails In Real-time: Threads seamlessly captures and logs new emails that have been sent to or received by your HubSpot contacts in real-time to make sure that your HubSpot account always contains the most up to date information.
  • Compatible With All Email Clients:  Threads works with any email client including Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. We can also help you with the set up so you won't need a degree in IT or incur expensive consultancy costs.
  • Priced According to Storage Not User: Threads is priced according to the storage and not per user which means you can add an unlimited number of email accounts within your storage plan.

Introducing HourDiary - Are you still using Excel to track your time?

In a recent survey carried out by JPY, we found that nearly 75% of SME’s still use spreadsheets like Excel to track their time. So whilst spreadsheets might at first seem like a good solution, users can quickly run into problems:

  1. Data is often incorrect - Sharing spreadsheets among team members can be difficult. An incorrect click, wrong abbreviation or accidental deletion by one person can result in incorrect or lost data.
  2. Spreadsheets can be intimidating - Employees who are not used to using spreadsheets in their day job can often find them difficult to work with or confusing and end up filling them out incorrectly or not at all.
  3. Difficulties exporting information - Even if you can survive the data input issues, problems can also arise when the data is then exported to create a final invoice. Information can be lost in the journey creating confusion for your customer.

Having experienced these problems ourselves, we decided to create our own time tracking software and HourDiary was born. So if you are still relying on spreadsheets to track your time, then consider giving HourDiary a try and sign up for your free trial below.

HELIOS guide MacOS Server users

Over the years, Apple has gradually been diminishing its role in the network server market. The Apple Xserve hardware line was discontinued by Apple in early 2011. And the Mac OS X Server and subsequent macOS Server software have steadily been losing features. In early 2018, Apple announced that many macOS Server services would be deprecated, “. . . to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network”.

Consequently, current and prospective users are considering alternatives.
How can they continue to get the benefits of a server fully compatible with Mac network clients, while gaining additional power, efficiency, and features?

In their document, HELIOS show how to migrate and replicate the server services offered by macOS Server, to a server running HELIOS Universal File Server software.